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You heard us right!  Jam Monster and L7 Vapors now have you hooked up on your favorite flavors.  We currently have Jam Monster Blueberry, Jam Monster Blackberry, Jam Monster Strawberry and Jam Monster Raspberry in stock.  You can also special order Jam Monster Grape or Apple! 

  You want more and we get since Custard Shoppe is part of this, you can also get Custard Shoppe Raspberry and Custard Shoppe Blackberry at the same $19.99 price!

  Even more, got ya.  So now for all of you salt Nic lovers, Jam Monster released Jam Monster Strawberry, Jam Monster Blueberry, Custard Shoppe Butterscotch and Mangerine Guava Ice in 24mg and 48mg to keep you happy when you just want something small to carry around!